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10 Shortest WWE Superstars In History

10 Shortest WWE Superstars In History

 The WWE has seen a ton of tall and short wrestlers.

In this article we will reveal the shortest wrestlers ever to battle in WWE.

Any semblance of Andre the Giant, Big Show and The Great Khali overshadowed their rivals, yet who were the little folks pulling up trees and disproving individuals?

According to Sport Lister, here are the 10 shortest WWE wrestlers ever. However, not all are basically as clear true to form;

10. Brian Kendrick (5’8)

Brian Kendrick was a label team champion in the WWE close by Paul London during the 2000s.

9. Eddie Guerrero (5’8)

From Chavo to Eddie, with the last option, who has tragically died, coming in at nine.

8. Sin Cara (5’7)

Suggestive of Rey Mysterio, who likewise includes on this rundown, obviously, the veiled Sin Cara is a genuine luchador in height, ring clothing and physicality.

7. Funaki (5’7)

Funaki was once the cruiserweight champion before he was crushed by Chavo Guerrero.

6. Evan Bourne (5’7)

It isn’t especially is business as usual that a great deal of the more modest wrestlers are high-flyers and that is unquestionably the situation for Evan Bourne.

He was collaborated with Kofi Kingston as a component of label team Air Bourne.

5. Rey Mysterio (5’6)

The previously mentioned Rey Mysterio is one of the most famous stars throughout the entire existence of the WWE, from the 619 to his affection turned-disdain relationship with Batista.

4. Kalisto (5’6)

Starting with one veiled man then onto the next as Kalisto is 5’6 alongside Rey Mysterio.

3. Spike Dudley (5’5)

The principal name on the platform is Spike Dudley, a well known name in the business close by D-Von and Bubba Ray.

2. Drake Maverick (5’4)

Penultimately, Drake Maverick is in the more present day period of WWE.

1. Hornswoggle (4’5)

On of the rundown is the notorious Hornswoggle. He is the main man under five foot and his organization with Finlay and that shillelagh are memorable.


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