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Jürgen Klopp Finally Gives His Verdict On Sadio Mane Facing Mohammad Salah In The Finals


AFCON 2022,  today’s match between Senegal and Egypt is the final match of the African cup of nations.

Two of the best African players Sadio Mane and Mohammad Salah will face each other despite both of them playing together in Europe at Liverpool in the premier league.

Jürgen Klopp who is the manager of the two players at Liverpool has given his verdict on the final match which will be held today.

According to Jürgen ” The two players had a fantastic tournament and have worked hard equally that is the reason why they have both reach the final. In this game, one will definitely lift the trophy and be happy and the other will also be down a little for not Winning the cup.

On Nabi Keita, he said that ” Nabi also had a fantastic tournament despite the fact of being withdrawn and couldn’t go the final but at long, he did well in the tournament.

” I wish them all the best and will congratulate them after the match for such a splendid performance.

The player will do their best today because this will also determine the winner of the best African player of the year award because it seems the two are the very close contestants that every is looking up to.

We hope to get the best and peaceful game. Drop your comments below


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