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3 Famous Curses In Football History That Is Still Working

3 Famous Curses In Football History That Is Still Working

The ‘Yaya Toure curse’ is apparently answerable for Pep Guardiola’s Champions League troubles, here are a few other well known curses in football.

Football by straightforward rationale ought to rely exclusively upon capacities and strategies yet throughout the long term the delightful game has been saturated with odd notion.

Manchester City endured one more fierce Champions League disillusionment having lost to Real Madrid in the 2022 semi-last to make it six fruitless endeavors to win the prize since Pep Guardiola dominated.

So for what reason does this super-rich and effective team stacked with quality players and drove by perhaps the best manager ever reliably bomb on the large stage? The Yaya Toure curse.

To pay tribute to that profoundly eccentric and likely false peculiarity, the following are three of the most renowned curses in football history organized by plunging request of trustworthiness and absurdity.

Hunted House

Southampton moved from their old arena ‘The Dell’ to their current home, St Marys in 2001 yet their housewarming didn’t go as arranged by any stretch of the imagination.

The Saints moved into their new home toward the beginning of the 2001/02 season what began in August and battled so gravely that various speculations were zooming around to legitimize their grim home structure.

One hypothesis recommended that a gathering of Portsmouth allies (Southampton’s opponents) covered their team’s shirt under one of the stands while development was progressing.

Another hypothesis put it on the land, saying that the arena had been based on an agnostic entombment site which cursed the team.

3 Famous Curses In Football History That Is Still Working

As ludicrous and false as those sound, Pagan witch Ceridwen Dragonoak Connelly purportedly played out a Celtic purging function and whether by help from above or simply blind karma, Southampton dominated their next home match, on November 25 2001.

After Southampton crushed Charlton, the witch being referred to was in a boasting state of mind, cited as saying “I played out a custom there and, due to my childhoods, I did it in Welsh. I played out a purging of the ground in Celtic practice yet competitors are an exceptionally odd bundle and I did a gift for some sure energy and it has clearly worked.”

Fetish Felines

Rumors from far and wide suggest that at some point in 1967, aficionados of Argentinian club Independiente broke into the arena of their neighbors and timeless adversaries Racing Club and covered seven dead felines while Racing fans were out commending their most recent prize.

What occurred among then, at that point, and 1998 was the defeat of Racing Club on and off the pitch as the club got consigned and failed in that period.

The club even acquired a minister to play out an expulsion on the contribute front of a stuffed arena like it was a home game. After an intensive inquiry, six feline dead bodies were said to have been recuperated, rather amazing that they had not rotted after so long.

Their fortunes actually didn’t completely change until 2001 when lead trainer Reinaldo Merlo requested for the full contribute to be dug a bid to observe the last feline which they did and obviously Racing Club proceeded to win the league that year, their most memorable title starting around 1966.

Benfica’s European curse

Maybe the most well known football curse ever likely in light of the fact that it is as yet dynamic right up until today, Benfica are supposedly working under a 100-year curse that makes it close to difficult to win any European prize.

Benfica had won consecutive European Cups in 1961 and 62 thanks to manager Bela Guttmann who then, at that point, saw it fit to request a raise in compensation however the club answered by terminating him all things considered.

Benfica have since played and lost European Cup finals in 1963, 1965 and 1968 following Guttmann left.

The Portuguese club lost two additional finals in 1988 and 1990 abd the curse reached out to the UEFA Cup/Europa League also, losing finals in 1983, 2013 and 2014.

60 years on, Bela Guttmann’s words stay valid and Benfica stays with no European prize and by his timetable, they won’t win any until 2062.


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