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4 European Based Ghanaian Players Who Play For Big Teams Ready To Play For Ghana In The World Cup

4 European Based Ghanaian Players Who Play For Big Teams Ready To Play For Ghana In The World Cup

Ghana has qualified to the world cup which will be held in Qatar 2022. Prior to the qualification games, Ghana made call-ups to so many Ghanaian players who plays for big teams in Europe to come and play the qualification game to help Ghana to Qualify but none gave a positive response. Now Ghana has qualified and According to reports, 4 key European Based Ghanaian Players Who Play For Big Teams are ready to accept any call from call in order to feature in the upcoming world cup. Below are the players will to play for Ghana in the world cup.

1. Tarq Lamprey

Tariq Lamptey is a Ghanaian but was born in the United Kingdom. Way back in 2015, Tariq got the chance to play for Ghana’s youth team in the AFCON but unfortunately couldn’t won the trophy. Tariq Lamptey also got the chance to play for England under 20 and still looking forward to get a call up to the English national team. Prior the qualification games, Ghana made an attempt to make Tariq return to the black stars of Ghana but it Backfired because he wasn’t ready. Now according to reports, Tariq has hinted that he will accept to play for the black stars of Ghana when he gets a call.

2. Cullum Hudson Odoi.

A very skillful youngster who currently play Chelsea in the English premier league. Hudson Odoi’s father is a Ghanaian and but happens to be an English. Hudson Odoi has gotten so many chances in playing for the English under 20 national team but is yet to get a call up to the senior team by Garrett Southgate. He visited Ghana when he had a break in his club and had the chance to meet the president of the land , His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo. According to reports, the president and the GFA did all what they can but it wasn’t enough to convince the boy to switch his nationality to Ghana and later went back to England. Hudson with this level performance will like to play at the world cup and reports coming in claims that he will be accepting to play for the Ghana national team.

3. Mohammad Salisu.

Mohammad Salisu is one great defender that play for Southampton in England. He was born and raised in this Country but has been always denying to play for the black stars of Ghana. He made his intentions not to play for the black stars clear from 2018 when the GFA called him and his reason is that, at the time he needed the GFA assistance to travel and play in abroad, they asked for money in an exchange of just a signature so he is certainly not going to play for Ghana. Prior to the qualifiers, the interim head coach , Mr. Otoo Addo call him but denied that call-up. Now he’s willing to forgive and play for Ghana in the world cup.

4. Inaki Williams.

Inaki Williams is another great player who play for Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish laliga. He’s been rejecting Ghana call-ups to play for the national team. Ghana has made over 10 attempts to persuade Inaki Williams to accept Ghana but all of them backfired. Inaki Williams according to reports will now accept to play for Ghana because it has been always his dream to play in a world cup.


All these players rejected Ghana at the time Ghana needed them most. Now Ghana with so many inexperienced players has managed to qualify and these players are now willing to come and play for the black stars. Do you think Ghana should accept them or also reject them too. Drop your comments below.


  1. Though we need them but I think Salisu and inaki Williams should be dropped to serve as a lesson to others also GFA should stop that bribery thing they been doing, it’s unhelpful to our football

  2. I think they are needed in the team, world cup is not about sending those who play for the qualifications but it is sending your best players to represent the nation. looking at their performance at their various clubs they are part of the best players to be called so if they agree to join the team, they should be called. Anger and others things will not solved the problem please my fellow Ghanaians.

    • Are you listening to yourself . So we have those that should qualify us and those that should take over . Isn’t it the same ball that will be used to play at the World Cup , if your family member is part and he is being dropped to be replaced will you be happy. Let’s all be real in matters like this . Every player wants to have the chance to explore and so do those players that help us qualify. So dropping them will never help . They are not God and in football anything can happen . Who would have thought Italy won’t qualify for World Cup with this small team scoring them . Let’s give the guys that qualified us the platform to explore and l tell you dey will do better

  3. So now that the boys have struggled and qualify , who should be dropped and those news guys be replaced, let’s give respect to those that have suffered for the team and take them go than replacing them with somebody who did nothing. The guys can do the work so let’s keep them and forget about those that rejected the country . It will be painful if the GFA drop some of the guys that have helped us qualify . Those that wants to play because we have qualify for the World Cup are not God so we have to forget them and move on with what we have .

  4. What we should keep in mind is that Ghana 🇬🇭 is not only playing in this years World Cup. We will still need those same players to play for the national team at the next African cup of nations and also as we keep on saying that this boys have qualified us to World Cup ,we should know that we didn’t only play that 2legged game against Nigeria but we started from somewhere before getting to that stage and some players where featured in the group stage matches but didn’t get the chance to play at the final stage of the qualifies. So to my opinion I think the GFA should give them call up just if they are willing to play 🙏
    With due respect I am just a kid incase I have said something that i am not supposed to say please

  5. NO way “HOSEA”. Let us still stay with those Patriotic ones who made it possible for us to qualify. Bringing in these unpatriotic who rejected us in the first place might jeopardize our chances.


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