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5 Top Goal scorers For Chelsea In UEFA Champions League History

5 Top Goalscorers For Chelsea In UEFA Champions League History

Champions League prizes have been a customary event for the London-based group since they originally won it in 2012.

The 1-0 triumph over Manchester City in the 2021 Champions League final was one of their most noteworthy triumphs collectively.

Thomas Tuchel’s phenomenal administration is to be complimented. The club’s exchange network is likewise among the most great in world football.

One of the main mainstays of their cutting edge time achievement has been their creative enlisting of a-list ability.

here are Chelsea’s five most productive UEFA Champions League scorers ever.

5. Willian – 10 goals

£30 million was paid to Shakhtar Donetsk to get Willian to the Premier League 2013.

Indeed, even after such an extremely long time, he’s one of Chelsea’s most significant players in light of his gigantic work on the field.

Willian was a strong entertainer for Chelsea in all rivalries as a Brazilian turncoat to Arsenal.

The way that he outscored Hazard in less games proposes that he was maybe underestimated during his pinnacle years.

4. Fernando Torres – 10 goals

Because of his £50 million exchange from Liverpool in 2011, the Spaniard will certainly be recognized as a costly failure for his time in London.

Positively, it was a disappointment in blue, and indeed, fans had high expectations.

In any case, Torres had a few brilliant Champions League minutes, remembering a goal from open play for the Camp Nou that is maybe the club’s most renowned goal (from open play) ever.

A Champions League prize is among his many distinctions. There’s something else to say.

3. Nicolas Anelka – 12 goals

In 2008, Nicolas Anelka joined Chelsea from Bolton Wanderers as a free specialist. For the Blues, he was quite possibly of the best striker in the league.

He consented to atransfer cost of £15 million. At the point when Chelsea won the Champions League in 2011-12, Anelka was a basic individual from the group.

He brought home the Premier League championship in 2010 and two FA Cups with the Blues in 2009 and 2010.

He showed up for the Londoners during his residency there. It took him a normal of 185 minutes to score one of his 12 stupendous goals.

2. Honest Lampard – 23 goals

Making a course for the 2008 Champions League final, the Blues’ most loved would deliver on various huge European events for the club, remembering a close to home punishment for an arresting quarter-final against Liverpool only days after his mom’s passing.

His commitments to the club’s fruitful mission remembered goals against Napoli and Benfica for the knockout stages, as well as captaining the group in the final without the prohibited John Terry.

He is broadly viewed as one of Chelsea’s best ever players, and he positions second in Champions League scoring history.

1. Didier Drogba – 36 goals

All through Chelsea’s Premier League and Champions League chronicles, Didier Drogba has been loved as a clique figure for the Blues.

Clubs around Europe have brought home numerous championships on account of the Ivorian striker’s staggering goal-scoring record.

The player’s goal in the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League final versus Bayern Munich is a reasonable exhibition of his striking going after capacity.

Chelsea dominated the match in additional time thanks to his goal. What’s more, he changed over the game-dominating extra shot to get the prize for his group.

It was likewise Drogba’s day, as he was the man of the match.


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