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6 Footballers Who Are Brothers But Play For Different National Teams

6 Footballers Who Are Brothers But Play For Different National Teams

 A group of siblings who play proficient football is phenomenal. It’s significantly more surprising to have two kin addressing various nations.

Today, we’ll investigate a few siblings who address separate public teams, yet in addition contend with each other.

1. Wilson Eduardo  (Angola) & Joao Mario switched to play for (Portugal)

Wilson Eduardo is Joao Mario’s more established sibling, who plays for Benfica. Both of the siblings are Angolan. Wilson played youth football for Portugal and declined the chance to play for Angola’s senior team in 2013.

Eduardo, then again, turned around his decision to play for Angola in 2019, in any event, scoring in his most memorable appearance for the country. Furthermore, starting around 2014, Joao Mario has addressed Portugal.

The midfielder was an individual from Portugal’s Euro 2016 winning team as well as Sporting’s 2021 La Liga triumph.

2. Jerome switched to play for  (Germany) & Kevin Prince Boateng (Ghana)

With a Ghanaian dad and two unmistakable German moms, the Boateng family is relatives. They started their professions as individuals from the German youthful crew.

Kevin Prince, Jerome’s more seasoned sibling, was a hostile midfielder who chose to play for his dad’s country of Ghana. Jerome has vied for Germany in various global occasions, including the World Cup.

In 2014, he was an individual from the Brazilian team that won the World Cup. Kevin Prince was an individual from Ghana’s World Cup teams in 2010 and 2014.

He and his sibling broke the record for being the principal siblings to play for two distinct public teams in 2014. Germany will confront every country in the gathering stage, beginning with Ghana.

3. Granit (Switzerland) &  Taulant  Xhaka switched to play for  (Albania)

The Zaka siblings both have Albanian guardians. Taurant, the more seasoned kin, plays cautious midfield, though Granit plays further developed midfield.

Taurant is playing for his country since his folks are there in Albania notwithstanding of being taken on in Switzerland.

The kin had the chance to meet in worldwide contest when Switzerland played Albania in the Euro 2016 gathering stage.

4. Paul (France), Florentin &  Mathias Pogba  switched to play for  (Guinea)

Paul Pogba is a notable player. The World Cup victor in 2018 is generally thought to be as one of the game’s most imaginative midfielders.

Barely any individuals know that he has a sibling who, though for Guinea, likewise plays global football. 

5.Thiago (Spain) &  Rafinha Alcantara switched to play for  (Brazil)

The Alcantara kin share an adoration for football with their dad, previous Brazil worldwide Iomar do Nascimento (Mazinho).

Thiago Sr. has had a more effective vocation and keeps on addressing Spain at the worldwide level. Rafinha has just showed up two times for Brazil.

6. Steve switched to play for  (France), Parfait & Riffi Mandanda (Congo)

This siblings are from same family who play as goalkeepers in various countries. Steve Mandanda is a goalkeeper for Charleroi and an individual from the French public team.

Buffy has two more youthful siblings, one of whom is Steve. Riffi Mandanda and Over Mandanda are goalkeepers for Kongsvinger and Bordeaux, separately.


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