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A lady I employed stole my money to buy her boyfriend an iPhone

A lady I employed stole my money to buy her boyfriend an iPhone

Although a few bosses are extremely harmful and abusive taking a gander at the unfortunate working circumstances they subject their representatives to – But a few workers are likewise the genuine demon in essence.

As indicated by Mr Evans Nunoo who’s a hotshot business person, a woman he shared his business with – Was taking the organization’s assets at his blindside on the grounds that he had totally left the organization under her consideration.

After certain months, he got to realize that he was making misfortunes at this point bussiness was blasting so he chose to make a few thorough cross examinations just to figure out that the woman had been taking from him.

At the point when he originally defied the woman, she denied truly taking from him yet after he squeezed her somewhat more hard, she admitted that she took a portion of the organization’s benefits for her very own benefits.

Unveiling what she involved the taken assets for, the woman uncovered she invested a portion of the cash on garments, shoes, hairpieces and furthermore purchased an iPhone for her beau who was jobless.

“In my first experience, I employed this lady for my business thinking as a female, she will be lenient and not be a fraud. But unfortunately, she stole huge sums of money from me. When I called her to demand answers, she told me it was the gods of her family that stole the money.

“I later investigated through her friends and I was told she was actually spending this money on a guy. And, at the time the phone I was struggling to buy was the phone the guy was using.”


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