Home Showbiz Abena Korkor reacts after her name appears surprisingly in GIJ exams

Abena Korkor reacts after her name appears surprisingly in GIJ exams

Abena Korkor reacts after her name appears surprisingly in GIJ exams

Once more it’s been some time since we as a whole known about Abena Korkor however her extended rest has been fleeting as she’s made the information following quite a while of staying under the radar on social media.

Notwithstanding the antagonism connected with her name, it seems the socialite who lives with Bipolar turmoil is apparently having some beneficial outcome in the extent of mental examinations.

Abena Korkor has turned into the most recent topic of conversation in the instructive area as her name has sprung up toward the finish of-semester tests at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

The test verges on her condemnable name distributing of high-profile men she’s engaged in sexual relations with – a demonstration she credits to a recuperating strategy endorsed by her specialist.

The Tertiary understudies were approached to recognize and examine the remedial method being utilized by the advisor who was counseled by Korkor during the level of her bipolar problem.

The inquiry winnowed from a new meeting on Adom FM peruses:

“4. As of late Ghana’s well known social media powerhouse and emotional well-being minister, Abena Korkor, said referencing names of men she had sexual experience with shaped piece of her recuperating cycle.

“Pay attention to her: “As per her, in one of her remedial meetings, her advisor requested that she notice names so she could be free. I didn ‘t need to specify a few names and the specialist said Ijeel caught so I ought to make reference to the names and feel free.

“From your insight into the speculations of character, distinguish and examine the helpful method being utilized by the specialist.”

Abena Korkor shared a screen capture of the inquiry on her Instagram page alongside her response.

Recently, Abena Korkor sent the web into a total implosion after she transferred a bare image of her on Instagram. It went before the arrival of her express video the prior month.

Clearly, Abena Korkor has become hopelessly enamored with the commitment she earns on the web whenever she drops her naked pictures and videos.

We trust this new experience won’t move her to do all the more only for clout.


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