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Akua GMB was cheating on Dr Kwaku Oteng – AJ Poundz wildly alleges

Akua GMB was cheating on Dr Kwaku Oteng – AJ Poundz wildly alleges

Ghanaian female radio and TV star, AJ Poundz, has dove deep into the illicit relationship of Dr Kwaku Oteng and Akua GMB which is affirmed to have raised a ruckus around town a few months prior.

As indicated by the media character and previous dearest companion of Akua GMB, the glamorous lady was engaging in extramarital relations outside her union with Dr Kwaku Oteng and that prompted their partition.

As claimed by AJ Poundz during a selective meeting with Delay on her Delay Show program, Dr Kwaku Oteng himself got Akua GMB in the demonstration and faced her – To which she admitted she has been going out with one more person for near a year.

Making sense of further into the cheating and conflict adventure, AJ Poundz proceeded to state that she has observers to what she’s talking about in light of the fact that Dr Kwaku Oteng sat with Akua GMB and others to address her conning binge.

AJ Poundz proceeded to spill everything about is familiar with Akua and Dr Kwaku Oteng’s marriage without beating around the bush.

AJ Poundz and Akua GMB were awesome of companions some time back, even some place last year, she admitted that she used to wear Akua GMB’s pre-owned garments when they were companions.

As per her, life was truly hard at that point and she could scarcely take care of herself or get her own garments.

Talking in a meeting with Fiifi Pratt, AJ Poundz revealed that she finishing her fellowship with Akua GMB has rather been a gift in her life.

She noticed that Akua cut her off as a companion after she had even offended her mom.

Her main issue was that she posted a swimsuit photograph of herself, Akua and different companions on Instagram which Akua could have done without.


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