Home News AMA sanctions 10 evangelists for lack of preaching permit and noisemaking

AMA sanctions 10 evangelists for lack of preaching permit and noisemaking

AMA sanctions 10 evangelists for lack of preaching permit and noisemaking

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has endorsed ten evangelists for noisemaking and road teaching without a license.

As per a news report on the assembly’s site, five others who took part in the offer of items involving public location frameworks in the Central Business District (CBD), faced a similar outcome as the ministers.

The guilty parties are said to have penetrated the AMA Abatement of Noise Bye-Law 2017.

“General Health Officers of the Assembly gave the notification on Friday, July 15, 2022 when they raged the CBD to implement the Abatement of Noise Bye-Law,” a report on ama.gov.gh said.

The Head of Public Affairs at the AMA, Gilbert Nii Ankrah, who talked about the turn of events, said that the Ghana Standards Protection Requirement for Ambient Noise Control Code GS 122: 2018, specifies that the admissible commotion level inside business regions ought to be 75 decibels (dbs) during the day and 65dbs during the evening.

He added that under Section 9 of the AMA Abatement of Noise Bye-Law, public evangelists were supposed to get a road teaching grant from the AMA, which commands them to approach their exercises from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. with adherence to the passable commotion level.

He made sense of that under the Abatement of Noise Bye-regulation, houses of worship or strict foundations leading administrations will not permit music to be played or to teach at a help so clearly as to make unsettling influences occupants in a space, adding that such administrations should be between 5 am and 10 pm, the site reports.

Ankrah is cited to have said: “An individual will not inside 100 meters of a clinic, facility or different spots utilized for the therapy of infection or public library, blow any instrument. The horn of an engine vehicle will likewise not make superfluous commotion.”

He unveiled that the assembly is ready to brace down on noisemaking in its catchment region, so it acquired new dosimeters for that reason.

He cautioned that any individual who disregards the bye-regulation commits an offense and is at risk on rundown conviction to a fine of not in excess of 100 punishment units.


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