Home Showbiz Amerado And Delay Finally Shows Their Love Muscles In Public

Amerado And Delay Finally Shows Their Love Muscles In Public

Amerado And Delay Finally Shows Their Love Muscles In Public

 Amerado, one of the most recognized artist in Ghana was on the wheel of trending stories some few days back for the dating rumor sparked between him and Delay.

Just recently, Amerado was captured on camera hugging Delay on a top hill form and even spending some time talking to her Secretly as the camera was still in position capturing them.

This has gotten Ghana social media users talking and drop bunches of comments about their relationship. Before this situation, Amerado showed his level of love for Delay on so many forms like posting her pictures online with the heart imoji as a caption, commenting on Delay posts with the heart imoji and many more.

This rumor started when Delay had an interview with Amerado and on the way of asking Amerado questions, Amerado stepped on one little weakness of the interviewer, Delay, and on one way or the other ask her if they can start dating. Surprisingly, Delay softly denied Amerado saying “you are just 26 year old so how can you date a woman of 39, the gab is too wide” said Delay.

This got so many people into a question hub about Amerado dating Delay but wasn’t confirmed because of luck of evidence. 

Now no evidence is more clearer than this video showing how both of them chopping love in public. This video got to the Ghanaians social media world by one renowned blogger, Gh Kwaku, explaining how and what happened between the two.

Out Thoughts.

Love doesn’t care about age, love has nothing to do with Fame but love is all about your heart. 

From our content, you can imagine how Delay rejected Amerado and we described that rejection as ” soft rejection” but at the long run, they end up loving each other.

Try to learn from this and follow your heart rather than following what others are saying. There are a lot of recognized people who married a woman or a man who is older than him or her. 

Our own formal president John Agyekum Koffour married a woman who is older than him, Barcelona’s player Gerrard Pique is marring a woman who is 10 years older than him, so there are a lot people are victim of this. Try to follow your heart because it is not a Crim to marry a woman who is 5+ years older than you.

Through we didn’t see it coming but now we can confirm that they are dating from what we saw in the video. Watch the full video below.


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