Home News Angry man causes confusion at MTN office over SIM block

Angry man causes confusion at MTN office over SIM block

Angry man causes confusion at MTN office over SIM block

The impeding of unregistered SIM cards has caused the fury and outrage of a few Ghanaians.

At the MTN office today, an irate man caused a situation by declining to acknowledge that his telephone number was impeded.

As indicated by him, it was uncalled for MTN to bar all his approaching and active calls since he had not enrolled his SIM card.

In a video getting out and about on the web, the man is seen being driven away from the premises as he communicates his loathing at the treatment dispensed to him.

He must be whisked away by the security.

As a component of the continuous required sim card enlistment that has turned into a public point for certain months, a furious Cab driver has assumed control over web-based entertainment patterns with this bizzare approach to resolving the major problem.

This yet-to-be-distinguished cabbie who drives a Kia Picanto raged one of the workplaces of MTN earlier today to revile the portable media transmission goliath for hindering his sim card.

As per the angry Cab driver who mentioned for his number to be reestablished to settle on and get decisions, despite the fact that he hasn’t appropriately enrolled his sim yet that doesn’t mean MTN ought to banish him from settling on and getting decisions.

Subsequent to trading furious words with a portion of the client care specialists who declined re-enact his number for him, he moved into his vehicle and drew out a container of Schnapp.

He stripped down on display and later crossed to the next piece of the street to conjure curses on both the client care chaperons and MTN overall.


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