Home Showbiz As a Date Rush celebrity; No more ‘tro-tro’ for me – Hottons

As a Date Rush celebrity; No more ‘tro-tro’ for me – Hottons

As a Date Rush celebrity; No more ‘tro-tro’ for me – Hottons

Date Rush season 7 member Hottons has shared what the unscripted TV drama has meant for his life. Beside leaving with the lady of his dreams, Hottons says he is currently seen as a big name.

Hottons uncovered that since his episode circulated on TV, he has transformed into a superstar with its upsides and downsides. He revealed that the disadvantage of his new status included changing his standard drive. He said he could never again take tro as individuals put him on a platform.

“As it were, it has helped me since everything has a positive and negative side. The negative viewpoint is that I showed up on TV. In Ghana, when they see you on TV, they consider you to be a superstar. In my area, it’s like I can’t exactly carry on with my ordinary way of life. Presently I can’t take tro once more. It’s either Uber or a taxi. The negative side is it accompanies a strain of some sort or another.”

He likewise referenced that individuals set money related expectations for social media.

“Individuals just saw you on TV. Certain individuals will DM you on social media to assist them with taking care of their concerns (cash). However, we are ordinary individuals,” he said.

Hottons, a trying artist, desires to use his newly discovered popularity to push his music and vocation to progress.

“Something amusing is I nearly abandoned music. Francis, my media fellow, motivated me, and I returned. It isn’t not difficult to Come in as a performer.”


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