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“Beating A Woman Is Very Good” Daddy said that – Song Of The Late Osinachi Nwachukwu


The main child of the late gospel musician Osinachi Nwachukwu has uncovered how their dad, Pastor Peter Nwachukwu, “generally ingrained that beating ladies is great”, in them.

In a talk with the main conceived, the kid gave the realistic difficulty his mother has been proceeding with his father and how he pounds her in any little contention.

He described how his dad held onto the two vehicles Osinachi Nwachukwu was gifted by individuals, in this way constraining her to continuously board bicycles.

Eneh Ogbe who had a gathering with the kid and different offspring of the craftsman made the revelation, she said:

” We all know what has happened to us. I couldn’t stand when I first here this sad news so I decided to go her house, sit with his children and ask them what truly happened.

I sat down for a brief moment to talk with the principal conceived and I nearly began crying once more. This kid let me know the experience his mother has been going through with his father, how he thrashes her in any little contention, he said enemy of my father pushed my mother out of the vehicle around evening time after marry administration and awful young men grabbed my mother sack that evening how mother returned home that evening I cnt tell cos father left her,people ran my mother this two vehicles (pointed at them so that me could see) however father on occasion will say my mother shuld take bicycle while we go in the vehicle, in any event, when we are returning from chapel my mother will remain under the sun and we will drive and pass her and we will wave at her, my father let us know that it is great to beat ladies.. I needed to cut in the discussion and I told him is incredibly off-base to beat a lady and that God is against it and I truly talk sense into him.. He said they are glad that their father was captured. The first born said my mother generally stay silent for my daddy and she generally excuse and presently she has passed on and I told him not to stress as his mother is in paradise!!! May the spirit of our adored sister find happiness in the hereafter and may God deal with her four children she left behind Amen!!”


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