Home Showbiz Burna Boy is a 2 seconds man – Steffelon Don

Burna Boy is a 2 seconds man – Steffelon Don

Burna Boy is a 2 seconds man – Steffelon Don

English rapper and the ex of Nigerian performer Burna Boy, Steffelon Don has opened up on why they separated subsequent to dating for nearly couple of years.

The British rapper said that Burna Boy has an enormous self image, yet a delicate one, which has consistently created issues for them in their relationship in a new post that will without a doubt create a ruckus before very long.

She additionally guaranteed that he couldn’t satisfy her in bed.

Also, he was desirous of his kinsman Wizkid and couldn’t embrace the situation that the last option was more fruitful than he was.

She posted: “I said a final farewell to Burna Boy since he has a delicate self image. He considers his companion Wizkid to be a contest, regardless of realizing Wizkid is greater than he is. He couldn’t in fact fulfill me in bed. SMH. He harassed me the last time I needed to talk, yet not any longer”

In the event that you neglected, Burna Boy delivered a song called Everybody Go Chop Breakfast that drew fire for being about his ex.

Stefflon to the analysis by delivering her song,” “through her YouTube, first of all, profile. In a past tweet, she said that the music addresses her point of view on the circumstance.

She did, notwithstanding, advise the overall population to stay out of other people’s affairs in the as of late delivered song.


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