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Drama at airport as woman rescued from Saudi Arabia meets agent who ‘trafficked’ her

Drama at airport as woman rescued from Saudi Arabia meets agent who ‘trafficked’ her

Drama at Jomo Kenyatta international Airport after a Kenyan lady who had been saved from Saudi Arabia detected the agent who worked with her movement in the midst of the group.

The irate and weepy lady had quite recently been gotten by her loved ones at the air terminal when she put her focus on the individual lady who supposedly caused her situation.

While communicating with the friends and family and communicating help from the supposed torment that she had experienced in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates, the specialist was additionally among the group and the lady detected her. She was going to address a columnist apparently to relate her experience when she detected the specialist.

In a video transferred to online entertainment, the irate lady is seen endeavoring to forcefully stand up to the specialist, while her family put forth attempts to limit her from creating a disturbance.

Furious as she was, she anyway figured out how to address the specialist and took steps to manage her mercilessly and ensure she pays for every one of her sufferings in the UAE and the costs that her family needed to cause to protect her.

Channel 7 News television shared a video of the occurrence on its Facebook page with a subtitle: “Show at JKIA as Woman safeguarded from torment in Gulf,goes insane as she recognizes the specialist who supported her to go there!”

You ought to help individuals! That office your hold ought to be discarded. You will repay! All that my family paid you will return!” the incensed lady promised, as cited by tuko.co.ke.

Over limiting her, the profound lady tumbled to the ground, yet figured out how to move toward the specialist to communicate her displeasure.

The supposed specialist, detecting risk, immediately abandoned the scene for her security. A lady is found in the video whisking her away as the distressed returnee kept protesting while at the same time being moved by her family members.


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