Home News Female university student bite off her friend’s ear over boyfriend they’re both...

Female university student bite off her friend’s ear over boyfriend they’re both dating

Female university student bite off her friend's ear over boyfriend they're both dating

Two young ladies answered to be tertiary students have been caught in viral video trading blows over a man they are both dating.

Clearly, one of the ladies figured out that the man she was going out with was seeing another woman who is an understudy in her school.

She chose to stand up to the next however it seems a verbal watchfulness couldn’t settle the matter as the strain between them swelled into an exceptionally warmed battle.

The skirmish allegedly began minutes after their talk for the day finished. During the battle, one of the young ladies who would not be overwhelmed installed her teeth into the ear of her opponent and touch it.

As indicated by onlookers, one of the warriors was heard yelling “Ndugyira ahamushaija”, a Runyankore word signifying ‘leave my man’.

The episode supposedly occurred at a famous college in Uganda.

Watch the video below

In the mean time, two women needed to go head to head as they traded blows as they guaranteed responsibility for friendly benefactor.

At East Legon, the two participated in a warmed contention which de-swelled into the trading of fisticuffs.

With the video accessible, one moved toward the woman who was out with the friendly benefactor and quickly began going after her.

The hidden explanation, as many have estimated, was that the two were battling about a friendly benefactor.

It later turned out the viral episode was a trick.


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