Home News Fire Service Officer caught on CCTV stealing from a supermarket

Fire Service Officer caught on CCTV stealing from a supermarket

Fire Service Officer caught on CCTV stealing from a supermarket

An officer of the Ghana Fire Service was caught on reconnaissance film denying a general store of food and a telephone.

On June 1, 2022, the officer distinguished as Ibrahim Mohammed Alemiakurugo was spotted wearing his uniform and entered a shop on the Bolgatanga-Navrongo Highway.

He took some food while wearing a uniform, and neither the businesspeople nor some other clients took note.

A couple of moments after he had withdrawn, a man who had likewise made a buy at the store returned and inquired as to whether they had seen a telephone that wasn’t theirs.

The man clearly dropped his telephone at the store however just acknowledged it in the wake of leaving.

The shop workers looked everywhere and addressed whether they had seen the telephone, yet it was no place to be found.

By then, the client mentioned that store representatives playback CCTV film so he could see it since he earnestly required the telephone for business.

As a result of client strain to follow through on time, the visual originator required his telephone to submit currently planned materials.

Investigating the CCTV accounts from the time he entered the store to make a buy, the accounts uncovered a man wearing a fire administration uniform deftly grabbing some food things, including rolls, milk, and tea supplies.

Afterward, this Fire Service representative came to the counter to pay for a portion of the things he didn’t take with him.

The uniform the looter was wearing was from the Ghana Fire Service, which was affirmed by the general after the shop supervisor messaged the video to them.

The National office got the recording and provided the Regional office with the obligation of investigating it.

The Upper East Regional Commander dispatched a group to the grocery store to direct an examination.

To recuperate a portion of the taken property and the visual creator’s telephone, they continued to his home.

A portion of the taken products were used by him, however the rest of rewarded the store.

Despite the fact that Ibrahim Mohammed Alemiakurugo has been terminated, he is requesting kindness and utilizing the defense that this is his most memorable offense as a clarification.

The Upper East Regional Commander’s office was opened to the hoodlum, who was noticeably embarrassed as the recording was played for him.


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