Home News GH man marries two women together on the same day

GH man marries two women together on the same day

GH man marries two women together on the same day

A Ghanaian mining engineer has caused a huge mix on the web in the wake of wedding two ladies together around the same time in an extremely vivid wedding ceremony.

The polygamous man known as Ing Protocol on Facebook has been teaching about the significance and viability of polygamy for quite a while before formally wedding his two darlings.

As per him, polygamy makes ladies compliant in relationships since they realize their significant other has choices subsequently they scarcely incite or cause disarray in their marital homes.

Alot of Ghanaians on the web have taken to the remarks segment of the moving pictures to praise and salute Ing Protocol for strolling the discussion as the man he professes to be.

A few ladies have likewise communicated that they’re happy he didn’t mislead the women he recently wedded – And made them completely mindful that he’s in a heartfelt issue with the two of them all the while prior to making things official.

Since Ing Protocol is a steadfast Muslim and his religion awards him the consent to wed up to 4 spouses, I for one see no issue with his choice to be a polygamous man despite the cutting edge meaning of an optimal marriage.

Investigate a portion of the photos from the straightforward yet noisy wedding function that has led to a hot discussion piece on the nearby computerized space underneath.


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