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Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority Has Encouraged Drivers To Take Road Signs Seriously

Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority Has Encouraged Drivers To Take Road Signs Seriously

The Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), Ms May Obiri-Yeboah, in her interview has encouraged individuals from people in general to stringently notice street traffic guidelines to forestall street crashes as they commend the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

She saw that given that Christmas was related with a great deal of development the nation over, it was significant for street clients to focus on their wellbeing by avoiding acts that tended to cause street mishaps.

Once more, she approached drivers of business vehicles not to permit financial interest to impact them to break street traffic guidelines.

According the boss of NRSA, Ms Obri – Yeboah, drivers especially trotro drivers should take the safety precautions properly and obey road safety signs. He further expressed that, policemen should also do all what it takes to protect drivers and passengers this Christmas.

Collective Effort

In a meeting with the Daily Graphic yesterday on the most proficient method to forestall street crashes which are uncontrolled during the merry season, the chief general additionally focused on the requirement for walkers to utilize footbridges and zebra intersections suitably to try not to be wrecked by vehicles.

Ms Obiri-Yeboah saw that guaranteeing street security and decreasing street crashes were an aggregate liability that necessary a deliberate exertion by all partners.

Guaranteeing our wellbeing and safeguarding our lives are well inside the soul of Christmas, which reminds us to praise the sacredness of life and to ensure it consistently,” she focused.

The chief general said while it was the order of the NRSA to lead strategy bearings that would assist with decreasing street crashes, the authority couldn’t do it single-handedly without the cooperation of different partners.

In such manner, Ms Obiri-Yeboah approached heads of religious associations, especially temples that would go for Christmas shows, to guarantee that their individuals clung to street traffic guidelines.

She saw that Christmas, which was a period of affection, care and empathy, would possibly be finished on the off chance that “we pay special attention to other street clients the same way we care for the wiped out, the ravenous and the oppressed.”

Teaching and implementation

The NRSA carried out the “Show up Alive” and the “Remain Alive” drives in a joint effort with the Ministry of Transport, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service to assist with diminishing butchery out and about.

As a feature of the mission, the NRSA revitalized non-administrative associations (NGOs), the media and street wellbeing representatives to sharpen individuals to the need to submit to street traffic guidelines and instruct them to avoid triggers of street crashes.

Ms Obiri-Yeboah said the NRSA and its accomplices would keep on taking the sensitisation projects to transport terminals, markets and other public spots to guarantee that individuals from the general population got the important data on street wellbeing.

She additionally said the authority would uphold the MTTD to implement street traffic guidelines and assist with decreasing street mishaps related with the bubbly season.


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