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Ghana Should Build My Statue Everywhere For The Good Thing I Have Done For The Music Industry – Kwadwo Sheldon


Multiple times award winning Content Creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has expressed that he should be commended for his commitments to making Ghanaian music well known and fun.

The YouTuber, who has committed an entire show, called the “Breakdown” on his channel, to translate verses in an amusing way clarified that the show has added to creating interest in certain tunes that until recently were not been focused on.

Two or three months prior, Sheldon had made a twitter post expressing that he merits an honor for his commitments to the music business.

Responding to the tweet in an elite meeting with Ameyaw TV’s Zeinat, he expressed;

“They need to assemble me a sculpture at the melodic central command and put my name there as the person who saved Ghana music. You are keen on what a craftsman is talking about a direct result of Kwadwo Sheldon.”

In spite of the fact that Kwadwo Sheldon doesn’t gets anything from his content on the “Breakdown” show because of copyright issues, he accepts it is commitment to the business.

As there keep on being contentions every day of the week about the condition of the music business and how should be treated request to get Ghanaian music to the top where it should be, Sheldon wailed over the indifference toward certain craftsmen in his content.

We have tried so many times to promote Ghana music to the world but they don’t appreciate our work. Now and then you label them in the recordings and they would rather not offer and they would rather do nothing with regards to it. You label them and they overlook you and later on they return and say Nigerians are our concern which is fine yet by the day’s end, when there is interest for the content, I’ll ensure I put it in your news channel,” he added

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