Home News Ghana’s Four (4) AFCON Trophies Reportedly Missing

Ghana’s Four (4) AFCON Trophies Reportedly Missing

Ghana's Four (4) AFCON Trophies Reportedly Missing

As per different media reports, the four Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) trophies won by Ghana are mysteriously gone.

Ghana won the mainland title in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982 yet has battled to have an effect over the most recent 40 years.

Talking about Ghana’s unfortunate record keeping, sports writer Saddick Adams said the replica AFCON trophies given to Ghana by CAF can’t be followed.

As per him, he had a go at following the trophies before the 2019 AFCON and was informed they were absent.

According to the rules in football, when a team win a cup, a replica of that trophy is given to that team to appreciate their hard work during the competition however, the real one will be given to any team when that team have been able to win it three times.

According to report, a journalist ask of it during the AFCON and was told that all the four replica trophies has been stolen. Looking at the way the information was conveyed, it means that we cannot track those trophies anymore.

Under CAF rules, groups that success the AFCON are given a replica of the prize on a long-lasting premise and are permitted to save the first prize for the two years in the middle of competitions prior to giving it back.

Groups are, nonetheless, permitted to keep the first prize forever when they win it threefold, an accomplishment that main Ghana, Cameroon and Egypt have up to this point achieved.

This has been one of the most embarrassing things happening in Ghana and no leader is taking into consideration on how to curb this.
Ghana the country we live…


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