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Girlfriend Of Mason Greenwood Charge Him Of Domestic Assault

Girlfriend Of Mason Greenwood Charge Him Of Domestic Assault

The sweetheart of Mason Greenwood blames him for aggressive behavior at home and rape against her, taking to Instagram to out him.

The footballer’s accomplice, Harriet Robson, faulted him for thrashing her, taking to web-based media and posted pictures and recordings of the injuries.

An inscriptions she writes to the photographs expresses the accompanying: “To each and every individual who needs to know how mason greenwood really treats me.”

The series of upsetting pictures plainly shows an actual assault. She later posts a brief snippet in which Greenwood was being oppressive and compromising her.

A video/sound clasp is likewise transferred where it’s asserted that Greenwood powers to engage in sexual relations with her.

The news has stunned Manchester United fanbase getting up on Sunday morning, as they dread what’s coming up for the 20 year old.

It is all claims and one side to the story at the moment, but it doesn’t look extraordinary for the player, particularly to be openly outed by his own accomplice.

Greenwood has been promoted as perhaps the most encouraging ability coming from the Premier League club’s institute, with a brilliant future before him.

He has shown up in all rivalries for the 2021/22 season, scoring multiple times, the last leaving away at Brentford.

Assuming there is any reality to the most recent story, it is stunning and offensive conduct that the club definitely can’t and won’t endure, placing his profession in danger. The club will definitely examine and attempt to sort out the subtleties, yet that far looks awful for the Englishman.

Covers Twitter guarantee that the Greater Manchester Police have been educated, yet this has not at this point been affirmed.

Manchester united talking about the ongoing issues concerning Mason Greenwood and his girlfriend.

They have stated clearly that until the truth of the issue is officially out, they won’t accept this news though they have seen the pictures and videos of it but wouldn’t based on that as their final evidence and take decision.

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