Home Showbiz Hajia Bintu “Scams” Mr. Macaroni Of N15m In Lagos

Hajia Bintu “Scams” Mr. Macaroni Of N15m In Lagos

Hajia Bintu “Scams” Mr. Macaroni Of N15m In Lagos

Ghanaian socialite, Hajia Bintu, in August posted about her most memorable visit to Lagos, the business capital of Nigeria.
In a progression of Twitter posts, she uncovered having gatherings with famous comedian Mr. Macaroni and supervisor of Mavin Music, Wear Lively; during her visit.

Fourteen days on, apparently the reason for her visit was in addition to other things to shoot a play with Macaroni.

The comedian delivered the piece by means of is social media handles on Monday, September 5. It was named “Hajia Bintu From Ghana Versus Mr Macaroni” on Facebook and “Daddy Wa migrating to Ghana” on Twitter.

The substance shows Macaroni attempting to charm Hajia Bintu who met him on the hall of a lodging where she had gone to meet a partner who had plans to migrate to Ghana.

Commonplace of Macaroni, he metamorphoses into a Kente-clad ‘Ghanaian’ known as Nana Kwame Nkrumah, as he attempted to persuade Bintu that he is the man she is searching for.

All that vim vanished when he heard the money related ramifications of the exchange. He proceeds installment however acknowledges exceptionally late that it was a trick – Bintu and a companion had hoodwinked him.


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