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Heartbroken Video Of A Homeless Man with no place to sleep begs police officers to lock him up (video)

Heartbroken Video Of A Homeless Man with no place to sleep begs police officers to lock him up (video)

The Kenyan man, named Alex Omondi, let the officers know that his home had been secured by his landowner, so he was homeless.

As indicated by him, despite the fact that he had not perpetrated any wrongdoing, he thought it reasonable to move toward the policing for help.

“I don’t have a spot to rest. My home has been shut by the property manager. In this way, I am here on the grounds that the police proverb is Service to All,” Omondi is heard arguing enthusiastically to the police in a nearby lingo.

Poor people man was frantic to the point that he told the police officers that they could choose whether to deliver him the next morning or indict him for anything charges they liked.

At the point when informed that the police cells were implied exclusively for hoodlums and not blameless individuals like him, he further asked the officers to assist him with either creating a charge against him or propose a wrongdoing for him to perpetrate, just so he would be captured and confined.

Understanding that the officers wouldn’t toss him, into the cells, the powerless man mentioned an unfilled work area to sit on.

What the video didn’t show is the way the police officers in the long run helped Omondi.

His circumstance has contacted the hearts of many Kenyans via online entertainment, some of whom have been calling for help for the destitute man.

In a prior report, the 2020 flagbearer of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, promised to go through the main day of his political decision as leader of Ghana assuming he won that year’s political decision.

As indicated by him, the motion would convey areas of strength for a to his deputies that not even one of them is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else and that they wouldn’t get away from the afflictions of the law under his supervision assuming they enjoyed any demonstration of defilement.

. I will go to the police station and request that they open the entryway I need to stay in bed there since that will be the sign that on the off chance that the President himself can rest in the cell whoever is bad no blessing no apprehension will rest there,” he told Joy FM in a meeting.

Fingers were crossed to check whether the lawmaker and businessman would respect his statement, however tragically, he didn’t win the political decision.


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