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How I Became A Star With Just One Year In The Music Industry

How I Became A Star With Just One Year In The Music Industry

 Multiple award winning hip-hop artist Kweku Flick had open up on the steps he followed and became a star in just a year in the music industry. 

According to Kweku Flick, his dream of becoming a musician started when he was in J.H.S 3 where his senior brother was an underground artist and was making copyright songs of his brother’s songs.

In an interview, he stated that, he started doing professional music early 2020 last year so this so this year’s January marked his One Year in the music industry.

On His Favorite Musician In Ghana.

“Dady Lumba is my favorite Musician”, he said. He also added that his love the legendary musician is great and even to the extent that, he is ever ready to collaborate with Lumba if there is a chance.

According to flick, his love for Daddy Lumba is because of his voice and how his own Dad admired him.

On How He Was Able To Record His First Music.

I suffered a lot before I got the chance to record my first professional song. “You won’t believe that I used bet money to record my first song”, said Flick.

On the Part Of Becoming A Star.

He said and I quote” Fame cost me a little bit when I was in school because, from the first day my song came out, my friends reduced the rate at which they used to approach me”. 

Fame is really Pivotal is you want to be successful as a musician but can be harmful for your social life especially when you are in school.

Our Thoughts On Kweku Flick.

Kweku Flick is known for his money hit making song. He love to always sing songs related to money and for the past few months, he has proven himself to be one of the best in terms of hip-hop music. He has done so many projects which have brought him this far and we hope to see him farther than this. He should keep up the good and hard work because hard work really pays.


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