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“How I got poisoned by someone very close to me” – Mr Ibu tells

“How I got poisoned by someone very close to me” – Mr Ibu tells

The Nigerian actor, John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, has related how somebody near him needed him dead.

As per him, the individual plotted his passing and prevailed with regards to harming him.

Mr Ibu in a meeting said the episode changed his impression of individuals and has likewise affected the greater part of his choices throughout everyday life.

The actor conceded that a portion of the toxic substance is still in his body and that he is as yet battling it.

“Nowadays, I am typically distrustful in light of the fact that I later figured out that it was someone I had helped previously (who harmed me).”

Mr. Ibu additionally enlightened the requirement for the public authority to guarantee the security and government assistance of actors and movie producers: “I anticipate that the Federal Government should follow up on this. Regardless of whether we like it, we (actors) are serving the public authority.

Mr Ibu was in the information after photos of his sorry state hit the web where his stomach was swelling at a disturbing rate. While he has had the option to manage the issue and quickly returned to life, Mr Ibu has kept up with that individuals should be careful about individuals they keep near them.


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