Home News I Can See The 1983 Hunger Coming Again – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

I Can See The 1983 Hunger Coming Again – Prophet Nigel Gaisie

I Can See The 1983 Hunger Coming Again - Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Prophet Nigel Gaisie has cautioned Ghanaian specialists over a looming hunger.

Having forecasted about how the economy will be a couple of years prior, he has asked the pioneers to awaken.

In a post located by Zionfelix.net, Prophet Nigel expressed that there is a risk ahead.

He said it is will be useful assuming it is tended to before.

The Prophetic Hill Chapel pioneer uncovered he sees a reiteration of the 1983 craving in Ghana.

His most recent assertion comes after the Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) forewarned the public authority about hunger in the event that it doesn’t put resources into horticulture. You can use the link below to see the post on Facebook.


He wrote on Facebook and I quote

“All those who ABUSED ME,INSULTED ME,SCANDALIZED ME,LIED ON ME…With time,all of you will bring me my stone or bow your head in shame.The Prophetic Can NEVER LIE.We are too deep in the Lord,Jesus Christ To Lie With His Name……There is DANGER AHEAD AND THE EARLIER , ITS ADDRESSED THE BETTER .For the first time this year,the spirit of the Lord did not allow me to sleep lastnight, i was inspired to be on the major streets of Accra the whole of this dawn and the city was Alive, nobody was sleeping, I saw serious stress on the street, the night wss very busy like a day time, I gave a young lady 100cedis and am still in shocked her RESPONSEA grown up man rushed to my car and was weeping like a child,He said, I have not eating for two days,i have to send him 200gh when i got to the office today, Let the authorities WOKE UP BEFORE LATE…..Lets avoid being tooo political and hear the VOICE OF GODAs a prophet, I STILL SEE A REPEATION OF 1983.”


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