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I didn’t know Kofi Adoma was married when I pimped girls for him – Nana Brefo


Radio presenter Nana Yaa Brefo has uncovered that she pimped young ladies to her partner journalist Kofi Adoma.

As per Nana Yaa, the occurrence happened a long time back and she didn’t actually realize Kofi Adoma was hitched.

I have done it a few times. The genuine truth is that I never realized he was hitched and around then, I was working with him at Adom, and I heard he was hitched. I never saw him wear a ring and he never addressed me about any spouse or sweetheart. So that is my response, I didn’t know about his conjugal status,” Nana Yaa Brefo revealed.

Nana Yaa Brefo further kept up with that she owes no statement of regret to the ex of Kofi Adoma, Victoria Exornam Kpodo, consequently, she will deliver no conciliatory sentiment.

Talking on Facebook live, Nana Yaa Brefo wouldn’t apologize to Kofi Adomah’s ex after one of her devotees portrayed her as a fraud and a malevolent individual.

During Kofi Adomah’s live radio admission that he’s a chronic womanizer, he related how Nana Yaa Brefo once connected her up with one more lady to lay down with on the grounds that she knows the sort of lady he needs.

Yet, Nana Yaa Brefo contended that she never off-base Kofi Adomah’s most memorable spouse in any capacity so it’s ridiculous for individuals to drive her to apologize to her.

She proceeded with that regardless of whether the entire of Ghana comes for head to apologize to Kofi Adomah’s most memorable spouse, she won’t grovel to the intensity and reluctantly apologize to her.

“I won’t apologize to Kofi Adoma’s ex. I will not. I have not effectively proceed to apologize. I don’t have any acquaintance with her,” she said.

Adding that I never offended his x-spouse anyplace. I’m not bust. I don’t affront. I express my genuine thoughts. I don’t affront lawmakers, discuss of offending an individual lady. Actually I didn’t.

Nana Yaa Brefo, be that as it may, sent counsel to Kofi’s ex, noticing, “it doesn’t matter at all to me what your identity is. I’m actually trying to say that when somebody lets you know it is sufficient, once more, you can’t go on, you need to give up. You can battle it, see a minister so they converse with him.”

That’s what the moderator stressed on the off chance that Vitoria pushes and it’s not working, she ought to give up.


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