Home Showbiz “I regret marrying a broke guy” – Xandy Kamel reveals

“I regret marrying a broke guy” – Xandy Kamel reveals

“I regret marrying a broke guy” – Xandy Kamel reveals

Entertainer and TV show have, Xandy Kamel, has straightforwardly uncovered that she laments wedding her ex Kaninja.

Talking with Multimedia’s Akosua Amankwaa Tamakloe, Xandy Kamel admitted that quite possibly of the deadliest mix-up she has made in life is consenting to wed a man who wasn’t monetarily stable.

As indicated by Xandy Kamel, she has gained some significant experience from her bombed marriage since transitory individuals abandon super durable examples.

She moreover uncovered that she has promised never to settle down with a broke person in light of the fact that the majority of them are thankless and exceptionally underhanded.

As expressed by the entertainer, she will really do historical verifications to ensure that the following man she’ll wed is rich since she’s finished with battling folks.

When tested by Akosua Amankwaa Tamakole about the bits of gossip that she was the sole patron of her wedding with Kaninja.

Xandy Kamel made sense of that she monetarily assisted with her reserve funds since she expected Kaninja would be a decent husband and an extraordinary man later on not realizing she was simply dreaming.

The socialite likewise cautioned broke men who enter her DMs to propose love to her to remain away on the grounds that once chomped, two times bashful.


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