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I used the monies I got to buy two plots of land and a car for my son


A troubled veteran Actor TT after open derision has clarified his prior explanation made in the spilled sound that circulated around the web yesterday.

In a meeting with Takoradi’s Empire FM, TT uncovered that he utilized the cash to purchase a real estate parcel for 30,000 cedis and afterward utilized the rest to purchase a vehicle for his solitary child to use as a taxi.

Sam Adjetofio said that because Ghanaians were disturbing me with the money I got, I decided to buy two plots and I did it but I fully paid for one and paid half for the other one.

“My child says he needs to be a driver, he’s been to driving school however for quite some time he’s been at home, and he became baffled, so I advised him to ask that something great happens so I get him a vehicle to utilize.”

Sam Adjetofio said and I quote “So when the Vice President Dr. Mahmud Bawumia gave me 30,000 cedis, I decided to buy a plot of land and the leftover 20,000 cedis I said this is the most ideal time for me to work on something as every father do  for his child, so I purchased home-involved a taxi in an awesome condition for him,” the veteran entertainer clarified.

In spite of his clarification appears to be some segment of Ghanaians are as yet not persuaded with it and are posing various inquiries about the said monies he got.


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