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I Used To Earned ¢1,500 A Month In Ghana But Now I Am Getting ¢900 in Romania.

I Used To Earned ¢1,500 A Month In Ghana But Now I Getting ¢900 in Romania.

A young man who was a teacher in Ghana narrates his sad story about how his salary has been reduced drastically when he travelled from Ghana to Romania. He said and I quote “I Used To Earned ¢1,500 A Month In Ghana But Now I am  Getting ¢900 in Romania.

In his interview, he made Thetimesgh understood that when he was in Ghana, there were a lot of hardships even though he was paid monthly as  a teacher but the salary wasn’t to his satisfaction. He then decided to travel outside Ghana to find a better job to do not knowing what is Over there isn’t as good as in Ghana.

He struggled up and down searching for how to make his dream come true and his dream was to travel to any part of Europe. He searched hard and finally got a visa to Romania to work over there.

Fortunately, he got teaching job but was to go to the lower level instead of teaching children who are equal to students in J.H.S in Ghana. He was very happy and thought everything was fine at that moment.

when the month was due, he received a message that his salary has been received in his bank and happily went on to check. Unfortunately for him, he checked, converted to Ghana cedis and was as low as ¢900 as compared to his initial salary of ¢1,500 in Ghana.

He then plead with Ghanaian youths to work hard instead of thinking about going to abroad to find work to do.

Let’s come together to build a better Ghana.


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