Home News “I’m lonely” – Physically challenged 56-year-old virgin regrets rejecting men

“I’m lonely” – Physically challenged 56-year-old virgin regrets rejecting men


Her apprehension at the time was that the men were simply keen on exploiting what is happening to utilize and dump her.

She expected that with her condition, assuming she got pregnant and the man capable took off or rejected obligation, she would experience alone with the pregnancy and need to cater for the youngster independently.

To try not to make her life hopeless, Alvera turned down every one of the various men that were after her at her young age.

She feels desolate now and carries on with a singular life, with only one simple radio set as her main buddy.

Now that she is keen on men, they continue to tell her that her time has elapsed and that they believe more youthful and healthy ladies should wed.

“They used to come here and inquire as to whether they could wed me, and I declined them all. I was apprehensive a man would come and get me pregnant, then leave me and the kid for another person,” Alvera described in a meeting with Afrimax TV.

The old maid, who said she had never had a man, communicated lament for not giving them an opportunity when they were pursuing her. She reviewed how a man she was keen on wedding told her that he would just acknowledge her proposal relying on the prerequisite that she would pay him.

“I live somewhere down in the town and it’s basically impossible that I can get that sort of cash. Be that as it may, assuming that I get it, I will in any case give it to him since I am forlorn and I likewise need my very own group,” she deplored.

Alvera was conceived healthy however became sick while growing up. Her folks, rather than taking her to the emergency clinic for proficient therapy, sent her to a customary clinical expert.

Her condition then weakened, bringing about the incapacity she lives with now.


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