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Inside Roger Federer’s £13m luxury Le Reve skyscraper in Dubai that boasts a helicopter for hire and a marina view

Inside Roger Federer's £13m luxury Le Reve skyscraper in Dubai that boasts a helicopter for hire and a marina view

THAT is some total assets.

Roger Federer, 40, is one of the greatest acquiring sports star on earth – and stashed around £80million in 2020 preceding another £62m bonus last year, as per Forbes.

Obviously, this is because of supports, incorporating manages Uniqlo and Mercedes. what’s more, he’s not bashful on investing a portion of that money on property, including £13m on this mind boggling loft in Dubai with shocking perspectives on the marina.

Take a visit through the elite digs where the Swiss tennis legend, who isn’t contending at Wimbledon without precedent for 23 years, partakes in his cold weather months.


Back in 2014, Federer acknowledged he wanted his own property in Dubai.

He would burn through most winters involving the extraordinary offices on offer in the Middle East when it was freezing in Switzerland, where he has two homes.

So he purchased an official penthouse in Le Reve (and that signifies ‘The Dream’ in French).

Known as Dubai’s most selective pinnacle, it disregards the shocking marina that is loaded up with yachts worth many millions.

Previous Formula One star Fernando Alonso is likewise said to claim a condo in the 689ft, 50-story fabricating that offers extraordinary perspectives on the sea, Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah.

Yet, I lived it up rehearsing, it was harmony and calm and we sort of delighted in it here,” Federer once said.

“I was like, ‘You know, I think this functions admirably for training and recreation’. The following thing I knew, I had a condo.”


Federer claims a 6,100-square foot official penthouse in the extravagance tower.

It highlights five rooms with their own en-suite washrooms, as well as a powder room in the far reaching lobby.

A savvy home framework that incorporates lighting, temperature and sight and sound controls can be modified from each room.

While a unimaginable 870 square-foot private patio offers charming perspectives on the Dubai marina and the sea.

No cost has been saved in the development of this property, with just the most sumptuous materials used to fabricate these rich digs.


Assuming that Roger and his family endure with claustrophobia, there are a lot of conveniences for them to appreciate in the actual pinnacle.

Furthermore, they would approve of over-enthusiastic fans with Le Reve offering a customized security team for its most restrictive visitors.

There’s likewise a temperature-controlled roof pool, as well as a state of the art wellness focus Federer contributed to planning.

In any case, maybe the coolest element is the 24-hour attendant that offers administrations from individual head servants, a driver driven limousine, a bookable Ferrari, and a helicopter or an individual stream – that all can be requested with the press of a button.


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