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‘It was rape but I liked it’ – Kisa Gbekle on losing virginity at age 15

'It was rape but I liked it' - Kisa Gbekle on losing virginity at age 15

Kisa Gbekle has uncovered how she lost her virginity at age fifteen and however it was an instance of debasement, she says she like it.

The entertainer was talking on UTV’s ‘Atuu’ show facilitated by Abeiku Santana. Portraying her first-time sex insight, Kisa said it happened when she was at fifteen years old. “I was loaded up with energetic richness as a little kid who experienced childhood in a Border town,” she said

As per Kisa, she needed to investigate everything including sex, consequently, it handled her in a sexual experience with a lifelong companion who was undeniably more established than her.

“It was those mother ne dada somewhat thing. Individuals my folks entrusted me with, did this to me. Around then, I was likewise a miscreant. It was like assault however I enjoyed it. The person was 17 or 18 years around that time,” she told Abeiku Santana.

That’s what she added “despite the fact that it brought about a police issue, to me it was a piece of cake. Later we crushed the issue at home … I was a trouble maker to a degree my mum generally embedded pepper in my vagina as a discipline.”


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