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Jay-Z Refuses to Do a DNA Test for Years While His Alleged Look-Alike Son Wants Him to ‘Tell the Truth’

Jay-Z Refuses to Do a DNA Test for Years While His Alleged Look-Alike Son Wants Him to ‘Tell the Truth’

Jay-Z has a supposed clone son who has been battling to be recognized by him for over eight years. The rapper has denied it for quite a while however has refused to take a DNA test — here are subtleties regarding this situation.

Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé are probably the most powerful and famous couples in the world at the present time. They’ve constructed domains around their musical ability and demonstrated that two heads are superior to one.

Nonetheless, their relationship has seen its reasonable portion of issues, some of which took steps to divide them.

One of those issues surfaced in 2015 when a 21-year-old rapper named Rymir Satterthwaite sued Jay-Z because he accepts the rapper is his natural dad. His mom, Wanda, had supposedly engaged with the famous rapper during the 90s before his profession took off.

The Satterthwaites asserted at the time that they hadn’t expected the exposure the cases produced and were “stunned” by the spilling of the claim to the press.

The claim, which guaranteed the rapper had an unsanctioned romance with Rymir’s mother in 1992, was first documented in a common court in December 2014. Nonetheless, the court tossed it out because Jay-Z and his attorney purportedly concocted bogus data in court.

Rymir’s mother let him know she thinks the rap investor fathered him when he was eight years of age. While Rymir has been looking for acknowledgment, Jay-Z is never going to budge on not tolerating him as his son.

In 2018, Rymir guaranteed that his supposed dad had been using his cash and impact to try not to take DNA tests that could demonstrate he was his son for quite a long time.

Rymir’s solicitation for a paternity test continued to get declined because the adjudicator was persuaded his dad had been found. It wasn’t settled until a birth declaration uncovered no one else enlisted as his dad was submitted as proof.

As indicated by Rymir, Robert Graves was at first recorded as his dad until 2011 after a DNA test affirmed he was not the dad. Jay-Z was approached to step through the exam too, yet he refused.

Rymir’s watchman even went to the extent that beginning a fight in court against their legal counselors, whom she accepts helped out Jay-Z’s lawful group to assist him with abstaining from taking the paternity test by causing issues during the technique.

Addressing Sun Online about it, Rymir, a trying musician, guaranteed he is being denied a fair hearing that he believes is a right he ought to appreciate as a resident of the country.

Jay-Z Refuses to Do a DNA Test for Years While His Alleged Look-Alike Son Wants Him to ‘Tell the Truth’

He needs justice, and the way that he was denied the option to make that fair hearing thanks to legitimate slip-ups and damage from his attorneys has just caused him to long something else for it. He told Sun Online

“I don’t want money or anything like that from Jay-Z. I just want him to finally tell the truth to the world.”

Rymir accepts any other individual would have been commanded to step through the examination at this point, yet his supposed dad continues pulling off not doing it because he is rich.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z got hitched in a mystery wedding saw by dear loved ones on April 4, 2008. The two began dating while at the same time fabricating their vocations and have become one of the power couples in the music industry.

Their affection life is nearly worshipped in Hollywood, however the issues with Jay-Z’s unfaithfulness and past continued to reemerge. In 2011, it was uncovered that he was the dad of a little fellow being raised by Trinidad model Shenelle Scott.

A man named Malik Sayeed was wrongly enrolled as his dad, yet a DNA test affirmed he wasn’t, and weeks after the fact, the youngster was affirmed as Jay-Z’s.

Beyoncé was pregnant with their most memorable kid at that point, and she was goaded when she found out. Yet, as per Daily Mail, she came to acknowledge her husband’s past.

Rymir is one more case like those referenced above, however tragically, the rap investor has refused to recognize him as his son. Jay-Z has likewise been engaged with very much established charges of unfaithfulness that began in 2014.

Some netizens accept that Jay-Z has refused to take a paternity test for Rymir’s situation because he fears Beyoncé leaving.

Her reaction to his cheating was an album with a few songs in light of a her lady lover is cheating. Jay-Z has said that he wasn’t shocked his wife picked that road to communicate her reality.

The rapper has likewise used his music to offer his viewpoints on various points, including Rymir’s case as his son. His song “Heard About Us” tended to the charge, comparing it to “Billie Jean,” a Michael Jackson exemplary he sang to expose tales he had fathered a kid with a fixated fan.


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