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Justin Timberlake goes viral after ’embarrassing’ attempt at DC’s ‘Beat Ya Feet’ dance

Justin Timberlake goes viral after 'embarrassing' attempt at DC's 'Beat Ya Feet' dance

Justin Timberlake was the subject of laughs and derision on social media after his dance execution over the course of the end of the week in Washington, DC, didn’t satisfy hopes.

The 41-year-old singer and entertainer was performing at DC’s Something in the Water Festival on Saturday night the Beat Ya Feet dance, which has been a famous step in the country’s capital for over two decades.

Yet, after video of the dance break advanced toward social media, Timberlake was lambasted by users for his terrible showing, with one person kidding that his dance was closer to the ‘corny pokey’ than Beat Ya Feet.

One fan who had a superb spot at the DC festival shared a video of Justin’s moving to TikTok on Sunday, subtitling it, ‘Cannot BELIEVE I SAW JT,’ with a crying emoticon.

‘DC, get yo’ beat!’ Timberlake appears to shout in the clasp as he proceeds to show off his footwork while his face looks not even close to loose.

The dance is genuinely concise and doesn’t have the more expanded movies that many Beat Ya Feet dancers display.

One person who got the clasp of Justin moving idea it had a strong resemblance to a classic youth dance.

‘Justin Timberlake said “DC beat your feet” and continued to do the corny pokey,’ they kidded.

Other deriding tweets raised his relationship with Britney Spears and his infamous Super Bowl halftime execution with Janet Jackson, the two of which have made him a restored subject of disparagement lately.

‘I keep thinking about whether Janet and Britney ever text one another,’ mused Saeed Jones in a statement tweet.

Kayleigh Donaldson kidded that the subpar moves might have had a place in a pitiful Glee version.

‘Justin Timberlake finishing his advancement into Mr. Schuster [sic] from Glee,’ she composed.

The previous NSYNC part also got contrasted with other insulted men, including Chet Hanks.

‘Justin Timberlake was just at Something In The Water moving like Chet Hanks,’ one user tweeted.

Another hilarious tweet contrasted him with an abnormal ‘VP.’

‘Justin Timberlake looks like a Vice Principle attempting to have a dance off in the corridor with his students talm’bout “what you are familiar this” #sitw [sic],’ they composed.

One person who watched the clasp said that the Cry Me A River singer’s moving was ‘a cross between a dark uncle at a picnic and Irish waterway moving,’ adding, ‘and no I will not be making sense of this any further.’

Indeed, even the pop star’s outfit got a drubbing, with a tweet perusing, ‘Did Justin Timberlake just get off work?? Cause the outfit is a lot of IT specialist.’

Justin was dressed for his exhibition in an unusually casual look highlighting a short-sleeve button-up shirt with green triangles and checker patterns, alongside khaki pants and thick tan trainers with red and yellow accents.

He took the dance break during what had all the earmarks of being a recess in a presentation of his 2006 single SexyBack.

As per KQED, the Beat Ya Feet Dance began with Marvin ‘Slush’ Taylor in DC around the last part of the 1990s.

The dance supposedly developed out of the city’s go music, described as a ‘combination of loosened up funk, gospel, jazz, call and response, and Afro-Caribbean beats.’


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