Home News Kelvin Boy Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend

Kelvin Boy Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend

Kelvin Boy Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend

As per a Joy News report, the Afrobeat star purportedly stepped on his sweetheart’s ribs and utilized an iron bar to hit her back and right-hand a few times.

Though accused of attack on his girlfriend, Kelvyn Boy argued not blameworthy in this situation.

The Adentan Circuit Court directed by Mrs Sedinam Awo Balokah, will on Wednesday, February 23, think about his bail application.

Arraigning Chief Superintendent of Police Patience Mario said the complainant Deborah Kponyi is a broker.

Boss Supt Mario said the complainant and the charged had been seeing someone over 10 years and had two girls.

The arraignment said the “relationship has been loaded with misuse.” He said the denounced and the complainant used to remain together yet the blamed stuffed and went out to another spot.

He said one of their kids fell wiped out and required clinical consideration, so the complainant reached the reserve funds and credit organization where they set aside cash yet was told the record was vacant.

The indictment said the complainant attempted to arrive at the denounced on the telephone to affirm the data and advise him regarding the need to take the wiped out little girl to a clinic for clinical consideration.

He said the complainant could, nonetheless, not contact him.

The indictment said luckily, she saw the blamed’s vehicle passing, in this way, she followed the vehicle. Yet, the complainant later understood that it was a woman who was driving.

Adding that the complainant moved toward the woman to request the whereabouts from the denounced.

The said woman called the blamed who descended from a two-story building and supposedly assaulted the complainant pushed her down prior to stepping her ribs.

The indictment said the blamed supposedly pushed the complainant out for the house and utilized an iron bar to hit her back and right-hand a few times until she was safeguarded by a motorbike rider who had taken her to the said building.

He said a couple of moments later, one Kelvin, a laborer at the complainant’s shop called to illuminate her that the charged had supposedly come to the shop and carried off her speaker, Nasco 32 inch TV set and two seats esteemed at GH¢5,500.


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