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Kwadwo Antwi To Bounce Back On The Stage On 24th Of December, 2021

Kwadwo Antwi To Bounce Back On The Stage On 24th Of December, 2021

Will Kojo Antwi play this December 24, as he has consistently done this beyond 30 years? Obviously he will, as certain as the sun ascending in the east each day. What with every one of the a really long time of practices and sweat?

Another move however – when he plays on Friday, December 24, he will do as such from East Legon’s most up to date and extravagant occasion scene, De-Icon Event Center. This is the place where Kojo Antwi’s affection train has viewed as its new home

Noticing Mr. Music Man at short proximity as he walks all through the studio at his MacCharty Hills bequest in Accra where he is occupied with practices with his bandsmen, it is justifiable why his yearly gig packs the groups.

The man needs to give everything. He tries different things with one thought later thought, fitting them where they ought to. The equivalent goes for even the melodies, the very love tunes that have charmed him so well to the country and then some – he needs to be exact with regards to their stream, which one ought to go before another and which ought to follow another. When fulfilled, he needs various stages of the melodies as would address various circumstances would it be advisable for them they come up.

At the point when I comment that it’s a ton of difficult work, he says “Yet that is the way we’ve generally done it. We generally put in any amount of work to satisfy the fans. They merit it. They have been there for these 29 years, this is the 30th and I can’t let them down particularly when I ought to say thanks to them for staying with me.”

According to Kwadwo Antwi, he has been dreaming of becoming such great when he was young. I love cutting edge and that is the genuine me. We will tweak our demonstrations, attempt various things until we hit the stage. As it is presently, we can’t determine what will be our last inclination for anything we intend to do. As the thoughts come, we try different things with them to perceive how they fit in.”

Furthermore for every one of the 30 years that he has played, Kojo Antwi recollects each account of this excursion essentially exhaustively – how his first break on 28th September, 1991 at the Trade Fair Center, La, Accra, which included highlife greats and companions, Thomas Frimpong and Pozzo Hayes, just as the spiritualist Roots Anabo band, was an entrancing shocker.

The next year Kojo chose to play on 24th December, and that date has since been a yearly installation in the existences of many. Some even speculate the day is Kojo’s birthday. It’s not, yet the narrative of his birthday can stand by for a little while.

“It didn’t use to be something customary for a musician to fix one specific date in each year to play. What used to happen was to initially consider assuming that the day would be an end of the week. Presently you see everything over that one musician or band picks a date and stick with it. It does right by me, that that little insurgency is developing, to see Stonebwoy will play at a specific fixed date, Kofi Kinata is in Takoradi and individuals can admire a date with him throughout the year.”

Kojo Antwi, the Ghana Music Maestro

Nana Osibio and my partners at Classique Vibes. We set out dreaming exceptionally huge you know. We longed for playing at Madison Square. Furthermore it enlivened me to think ambitiously. Along the line, the incomparable Bob Marley’s verses propelled me a great deal. It might be a demonstration of thoughtlessness to endeavor to name them all since it basically is absurd. I owe many, many individuals my most unimaginable appreciation.”

“With the experience of Thetimesgh, in Ghana,nobody simply comes to concert just to pay attention to the music only, they come to watch me (Kwadwo Antwi) play and I attempt to make it essential. That they will return home with some exceptional experience. Something should remain on their brains and I don’t underestimate them. It is the very inspiration that drives me to put resources into my shows. I’ve acquired the incomparable Salif Keita, Richard Bona, Freddie Meiway, Monique Seka, Steel Pulse and a ton of incredible musicians, some much more famous than myself, to elegance my shows.”

Having moved the show from the Trade Fair, to the National Theater, Golden Tulip, Accra International Conference Center, Osu Oxford Street, Kempinski Hotel and the Labadi Beach Hotel, the Music Maestro says a period comes when you believe you want another climate to do new things.

From his experience in Labadi concert, he said “I feel that these days we are losing genuine musicianship. Innovation makes it so natural to perform, and we’ve decreased the entire craftsmanship to publicity and selfies. One might say this is the new period, however no, I think the fans have stayed with me for these thirty years since we connect all the more genuinely. Supporting this Broadway sort of thing takes something other than singing. They need to feel you. They need you to act a portion of the verses for them to more readily like the tunes.”

He played the gourmet specialist at one of his new shows, where benefactors “requested” their inclination and were rapidly “served hot” what they mentioned for. On another event, it took the state of the Maestro’s wheel of fortune where fans spinned dials to pick any melody from his rich collection to be played. What’s more last year, he assembled the melodies as indicated by different subjects and valuable encounters and doled them out.


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