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Maame Esi – Meet the 21 year old Ghana’s youngest female commercial pilot

Maame Esi - Meet the 21 year old Ghana's youngest female commercial pilot

Audrey Maame Esi Swatson is the most youthful female business pilot in Ghana, having gotten her business permit at 21 years old.

She is presently a First Officer with Passion Air, working the Dash 8 Q-400 airplanes.

Audrey began seeking after her enthusiasm in flying when she was 18-years of age. She went to the Mach1 Aviation Academy in South Africa for flight preparing where she additionally had her most memorable performance flight only 1 year later.

She in the long run got her Commercial Pilot License subsequent to finishing a sum of 210 hours that she has flown at age 21. She credits her schooling for her prosperity.

Apart from God and my parents, I owe everything I am and everything I hope to be to school. Without the education I have received during my lifetime, the friends I have met and have networked with, the great teachers that have been there for me since day one, I would not be able to move on to a more positive place in my life. I would not be able to have a chance to even become a pilot,” Audrey said in a media interview.

Also, Audrey established her own flying organization called Excel Aviation, where she fills in as the CEO. She is delighted to be allowed an opportunity to.

inspire other children that whatever they dream of, they can actually be. Education has fulfilled me and I am a more positive person because of it.


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