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Mbappe speaks on Pogba and witch doctor allegations


Talking in front of PSG’s Champions League match against Juventus, Kylian Mbappé (23) went to a public interview where he favored global teammate Paul Pogba (29) in the continuous witch specialist issue.

The Juventus midfielder’s sibling, Mathias Pogba, claims that Paul requested the assistance of a witch specialist to put a revile on Mbappé. That guarantee has been denied by Pogba, and it was uncovered last week that Mbappé had called the two siblings to grasp his part in the undertaking.

Asked if the ongoing affair affects his relationship with Paul, Mbappé replied, “No, because today I prefer to trust the word of a teammate. He called me and gave his version of events. At the time of speaking it’s his word against that of his brother. I will trust my teammate in the interest of the national team as well. We have a big competition [World Cup] and he already have some problems. It’s not the time to give him another one.”

He added, “We’ll see how it goes. I am quite detached from it all. 


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