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Meet the 36-year-old teacher who swims to school to teach primary 1 to 6

Meet the 36-year-old teacher who swims to school to teach primary 1 to 6

You would be lucky to track down up to ten teachers in schools across locale in provincial Ghana.

Furthermore, that is on the grounds that teachers are hard to find as well as basically as a result of unfortunate schooling results.

Aside from lack of common sense and strategy holes that exacerbate what is happening, foundation deficiency is likewise high.

Kwame Mensah is a 36 year old teacher who is looking past every one of the glaring difficulties to help rustic students.

Yet, as head teacher of the Lonpe MA Primary School, the weight is considerably higher.

He would need to cross a staggeringly significant distance to be in school on time. In any case, how he figures out how to get to school when his method for transport is inaccessible, similar to when his motorbike separated one day, is a story to observe.

After a 9 kilometer ride offered him by a decent samaritan who was getting back from emergency clinic with his significant other, he would have needed to swim across a stream – Dakar — and afterward go on for three additional kilometers.

These difficulties combined with unfortunate foundation and absence of furniture and reading material makes this considerably more desperate.

Kwame’s association with provincial schools started when he finished school in 2009 and has since moved starting with one school then onto the next and concedes, it is disappointing as showing here is hazardous.

“The students are in a difficult spot since I need to show every one of the classes from fundamental one to six and this is upsetting”

Schooling watchers have kept up with the lopsided conveyance of assets between the metropolitan and rustic regions and a definitive results require a survey.

Chief head of Africa Education Watch – Ghana, Kofi Asare, has been doing a ton of work in such manner.

He accepts now is the ideal opportunity to request substantial activity on provincial schooling assuming that something is to change.

A new study directed by his association, Edu Watch uncover, in excess of 42,000 teachers let the calling in 2021 be.

Information from Social Education Research further likewise shows, somewhere around 10,000 teachers pass on the homeroom consistently to look for other open positions.

The circumstance keeps on affecting the teacher and the student particularly in the country networks.

As Ghana looks to accomplish zero craving among other SDGs, government changes should likewise think about the situation of the provincial teacher.

Up to that point, things would stay critical and even decay further.


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