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Model with ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ gets even bigger After implants to enhance look

Model with 'world's biggest cheeks' gets even bigger After implants to enhance look

Anastasia Pokreshchuk from Ukraine, gloats of having the “greatest cheeks on the planet, having had various filler infusions to accomplish her outrageous distension look.

Not needing any other person to overturn her crown, the 33-year-old model has as of late decided on a significantly more full look, recording the awkward looking method via web-based entertainment.

Anastasia shot the anesthetist infusing the fluid straight into her lower jaw, underneath her cheekbones, everything while she should be visible flinching in noticeable agony.

Subsequent to having the strategy, Anastasia should be visible gladly walking around a retail plaza, cheerfully flaunting her most recent upgrade.

She proceeded to share film of her strategy in different clasps through her Instagram stories, keeping her 82,500 supporters refreshed.

Pink-haired Anastasia initially started going through excellence and surgeries at 26 years old, on both her face and body.

Enormous cheeks to the side, she’s likewise recently selected facade, bosom augmentations, and botox infusions in her temple.

She has handled blended reactions about her look from savages yet Anastasia loves the manner in which she looks and doesn’t allow negative remarks to drag her down.

She’s recently said: “After I had the infusions and saw the progressions in my cheeks, I fell head over heels for them. I comprehend that they look strange to others, yet I wouldn’t fret.”

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