Home News Nkwanta goat thieves paraded in the streets with stolen booty

Nkwanta goat thieves paraded in the streets with stolen booty

Nkwanta goat thieves paraded in the streets with stolen booty

Occupants of Madina, a suburb of Nkwanta in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region, marched two thought goat hoodlums with the goods on their heads, in the midst of booing and disgracing, before at long last handing them over to the police.

As indicated by dailyguidenetwork.com, the two suspects, Yakubu Mohammed, 21 years of age, and Rashid Alhassan, 26 years of age, were walked starting with one road then onto the next to act as a hindrance to other people.

Reports say the suspects were captured by occupants drove by Alidu Suraj Musah, the Zongo Youth Chief, and not even their supplications for kindness could pacify the furious occupants, who said they had enough of such crimes in their networks.

Numerous occupants crowded the roads to get a brief look at the thought cheats, saying it taught them a lesson.

Affirming the turn of events, the Nkwanta Divisional Crime Officer, ASP Lawrence Wiafe, said that the suspects had been placed under the steady gaze of the Nkwanta District Court on Monday, July 18, 2022.

The Zongo Youth Chief, Suraj Alidu, is accounted for to have made sense of that they decided to initially expose the suspects to extra-legal treatment prior to taking them to the police headquarters to deflect their conceivable lynching by occupants who had been angry about the wild taking locally.

As indicated by him, the move was pointed toward quieting the furious occupants to permit the police to assume control over the matter and deal with it as per the law.

He added that to stay away from the lynching of suspects without preliminary first, the heads of the local area are coordinating guard dog gatherings to guarantee thought crooks are handed over to the police.


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