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No Graduate Will Criticize Nana Addo For High Cost Of Fuel Prices – Mr. Logic

No Graduate Will Criticize Nana Addo For High Cost Of Fuel Prices - Mr. Logic

Mr Logic has contended that the climb in fuel costs isn’t the president’s issue. What’s more, anybody who believes that the public authority is at fault is an ignorant who doesn’t peruse nor research.

In his accommodation on HitzFM, Mr Logic made sense of why Ghanaians ought to resent the framework and not a specific government. As per Mr Logic, western nations are encountering comparable expansion in costs. Be that as it may, not at all like Africa, their monetary framework has made it less upsetting on its residents.

According to Mr. Logic, those who are blaming the government or Nana Akuffo Addo fro the high rise of fuel prises in the country do not do research. Individuals who don’t peruse and investigate. They are unskilled. Assuming that Europe is getting one gallon for €11. The main distinction among Europe and Ghana is they have a twofold shift framework. Where you can do around a few positions. What’s more, we have Single-spine. That is our most concerning issue. That is the reason i’m not sure why the public authority can’t see that solitary spine doesn’t help Africa.”

Mr Logic further made sense of the negative marks of the Single-spine framework, which has caused the vast majority of Ghana’s monetary issues. He emphasized that he will fault the public authority for making it challenging for individuals to move openly in the work circle. Be that as it may, he won’t hang the fuel increase on their necks.

“Single-spine framework is the most serious issue. The second we can change or get away from single-spine and begin to carry out a twofold shift framework where you can work 3 hours/4 hours and continue on to the following position, no one will grumble about a portion of these turns of events.

. Yet, presently, you have restricted individuals to a solitary spine framework. You have locked individuals. That is the main savvy framework the Europeans are running in front of Africa. Tell me, how hard is it for African pioneers to run a twofold shift framework? I will fault the public authority for the clamor, however I won’t fault them for the addition. The addition is typical, brother,” Mr Logic closed.


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