Home Showbiz Ohene David confesses to sleeping with Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Ohene David confesses to sleeping with Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Ohene David confesses to sleeping with Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Disputable Ghanaian freedom fighter and political pundit, Ohene David – Has at last emerged from his concealing spot to admit to laying down with previous HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.

Review that a couple of days prior, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah took to the web to blame Ohene David for laying down with her multiple times and unloading her a while later.

Tormented Joyce likewise claimed in one of her recordings that she even purchased a telephone for Ohene David only for him to remain with him however after he got the telephone, he would not answer her visits or call her back.

Joyce later took steps to drop his nudes on the web assuming he neglects to emerge to admit to Ghanaians that he has laid down with her previously and furthermore caution his fans from taunting her for conveying the AIDS infection.

Ohene David has at long last affirmed Joyce Dzidzor Mensah’s all’s charges in another viral video.

As unveiled by Ohene David, it’s actual he once dated Joyce Dzidzor Mensah and they delighted in long distance races of sex during their trip.

He likewise uncovered that he’s tormented he can never lay down with Joyce Dzidor Mensah on the grounds that she was an oddity in bed.

By their organic products we will know them, these are similar individuals who are on the necks of our chiefs for deceiving us and fumbling our assets however they do exactly the same things to individuals who show them the most profound of affection.


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