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Pastors use offertory to survive; they don’t fuel their cars with water – Kumchacha

Pastors use offertory to survive; they don't fuel their cars with water

Questionable Ghanaian pastor, Prophet Kumchacha has attacked pundits of strict forerunners in the country.

He said the idea that most righteous men spend richly on the contributions and offerings of church individuals is a non-starter.

Talking in a meeting on Hitz FM in Accra, Prophet Kumchacha said pastors burn through huge load of cash in this way it is reasonable for them to spend the contributions and offerings.

He contended that they likewise invest a portion of the cash in developing the church and its exercises.

“We even apportion a portion of the offering and offertory to sorting out campaigns, paying church laborers, radio projects and working of new workplaces for our churches, then we use whatever is left among ourselves,” he said.

Talking on spending the remainder of the cash on themselves, he refered to an instance of powering his vehicle with the expected asset [money] to empower him to ship himself to church administrations, radio and TV interviews and different occasions.

“The vehicle I brought here wasn’t energized with ‘zomi’ (‘palm oil’ in Twi), not seawater. It was energized with petroleum — and petroleum is purchased with cash,” the pioneer behind Heaven’s Gate Ministries told the host.

To additional support his point, he said that he has no other work beside going about the Lord’s responsibilities, and in this way, he, and different pastors like him rely upon offering and offertory given by the church to deal with themselves and their families.

Despite the fact that the idea of giving and offertory empowers the “rewarding God” thought, the dubious pastor went in opposition to the conviction, saying that “any pastor who says tithes goes to God is a liar.”


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