Home Showbiz Patapaa rains heavy insults on Zionfelix in new video 

Patapaa rains heavy insults on Zionfelix in new video 

Patapaa rains heavy insults on Zionfelix in new video 

Patapaa Amisty has released toxin on Zionfelix in another video got by GHPage as a development to his evident uneven fight with the big name blogger.

The entire commotion what began as a joke after Patapaa responded to a video of Zionfelix spending time with his significant other Liha Miller in Köln, Germany is progressively turning revolting.

This is on the grounds that Patapaa has been found in another video irately mocking on Zionfelix for answering his better half grabbing charges as unjustifiable and useless.

“You’re a silly kid. Are you anticipating that I should sing acclaims for you after the moronic thing you managed without my assent,” Patapaa said in a self-recorded video to Zionfelix who had before called him on the telephone over the claims.

Patapaa had recently recommended on his WhatsApp status that he would rather not see his significant other again due to Zionfelix as he thinks he has something passionate to do with his better half, which is presumably the reason for the supposed breaks in their marriage.

Patapaa charged Ghanaians to watch out for Zionfelix over his assumed womanizing mentality as he washed his with affronts.

Accordingly, Zionfelix expressed completely denied the claim. He made sense of that his main wrongdoing was to plan a meeting with Liha without illuminating Patapaa – a move he took that has the performer maddened.

Zionfelix, who is right now in Germany, said he was constrained to contact Patapaa to figure things out yet the last option was exceptionally threatening to him via telephone and was likewise not prepared to have a full grown discussion.

It’s on the rear of this video that Patapaa says Zionfelix was exceptionally “silly” to expect he would’ve gotten a warm reaction from him after what he did.

In the mean time, Liha has refuted the different reports proposing her union with Patapaa has raised a ruckus around town.

As per her, there’s no bit of substance in the tales and Ghanaians ought to regard such distribution as a deception.

Patapaa rains heavy insults on Zionfelix in new video 

Ideally we don’t get one more response from Patapaa after his better half’s meeting with Zionfeix in light of the fact that the way things are presently, he shows up extremely irate and at any point prepared to drop into the drains with the prestigious blogger.


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