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Paying my fees and giving me a car for my wedding was nothing special – Paul Adom-Otchere to Togbe Afede

Paying my fees and giving me a car for my wedding was nothing special

Pro broadcaster Paul Adom-Otchere has sent a cold message to Togbe Afede XIV following the central’s choice to turn down the ex-gratia.

Paul on Metro TV had depicted Togbe Afede’s signals as an accident considering the way that he gets compensations as an individual from the Council of State.

As per him, the choice of the customary boss to return or reject the ex-gratia ought not be hailed by one and all like it was an uncommon thing.

On the rear of that, many have depicted Paul Adom-Otchere as a selfish faker who has betrayed Togbe ASfede, the one who once paid his Law School charges and upheld his wedding with a vehicle.

Answering the analysis, Paul Adom-Otchere said Tigbe Afede just added a vehicle to his armada of 14 vehicles setup for his wedding. Subsequently, the wedding might in any case have continued on the off chance that Togbe Afede had not given him the vehicle.

He guaranteed that two of the 14 vehicles had a place with him, including a Mercedes Benz C-Class, and the others were given to him by companions, including Dr Kofi Amoah, who likewise gave him a BMW 7 Series.

On the Good Evening Ghana show, he sad:

“I was talking to Togbe Afede about this wedding, I told him that Kofi Amoah is giving me his car, BMW Seven series, for the wedding. At this wedding, I had about 14 cars, two of them were mine, and the rest were given to me by people. When I said I was going to get married people blessed me; I was favoured,” Mr Adom-Otchere said yesterday on his show.

“I said that Togbe, Kofi Amoah is giving me his BMW 7 series – Kofi Amoah’s car and Togbe’s car were exactly the same – so, I said I need your car so, that when the thing opens, the two BMWs will come then the Mercedes will follow. I just wanted to show off. My car was Mercedes.
With the part that has to do with his law school fees, Paul Adom-Otchere said he received the cheque from Togbe Afede long after he had settled his fees.

“…Do you know how many people have given me school fees money? So, what is the point about that? I don’t even get it but anyway people wanted me to react to it”.


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