Home Showbiz Please forgive me – Amerado apologises to Shatta Bandle

Please forgive me – Amerado apologises to Shatta Bandle

Please forgive me - Amerado apologises to Shatta Bandle

Amerado has delivered an inadequate expression of remorse to Shatta Bandle for the subconscious shots he tossed at the little individual during his beef with Lyrical Joe.

The rapper had on ‘Sin No More’ contrasted Lyrical Joe’s streams with the teeth of Shatta Bandle. Despondent about the notice, Shatta Bandle sent off a searing assault on Amerado in a video he recorded and shared on the web.

“Be cautious, I am a rich man. I don’t enter transient’s matter. F**k you. Since you have gone to wed your grandma you assume you are developed. You are a simpleton. You are frantic,” Shatta Bandle smoldered on August 12, 2022.

On August 21’s release of UTV’s United Showbiz, Amerado conceded to offending Shatta Bandle. He accordingly apologized to the socialite.

“I need to say a major sorry to you, enormous brother. I know I’m taller than you yet you’re more established than I am. Kindly, pardon me,” Amerado said.

Foundation to the beef

After Amerado was delegated Best Rapper at the fifth version of the 3Music Awards, Lyrical Joe delivered a song to communicate his dismay at the coordinators, stressing that even Amerado knows he didn’t merit the honor.

Albeit some normal Amerado to answer at that point, he declined to. He expressed on ‘Kyibom’ that he was occupied with his collection, an explanation he didn’t answer to the diss track. Furthermore, now that he is prepared for the conflict, he won’t make an effort not to stress about Lyrical Joe, subsequently, the consecutive diss songs.

Amerado delivered ‘Kyibom’, ‘Ponky Joe’, ‘Sin No More’ and ‘Lyrical Josephine’. Lyrical Joe, then again, has delivered ‘Monkey’, ‘Quiet’, ‘Kwabena Numbers’ and ‘Abaduaba Ameliar’.

Amerado stops fight with Lyrical Joe

In the mean time, Amerado has withdrew from beefing with Lyrical Joe after the two rappers clashed lyrically for near about fourteen days stressing that he has different things up his sleeves.

“I cannot keep beefing on the grounds that I have other significant activities. The time has come to deliver my business collection, G.I.N.A, and bring in some cash.

“At the point when I am reserved to perform, I cannot do diss songs. I want to do business songs and bring in cash,” he said.

In front of the arrival of ‘G.I.N.A., Amerado has delivered a single named ‘Beauty’ which highlights Lasmid.


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